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White goods disposal and recycling in London

There are many reasons why we need to replace or get rid off our old white goods such as an old washing machine, cooker, freezer, dishwasher, fridge, either they have stopped working properly or no longer suit your needs or are not as energy efficient or environmentally friendly as the new models. No matter the reason hiring white goods disposal and recycling London services is the best way to dispose of old electrical appliances.

What are White Goods?

This is a term dating back in time when large electrical goods for households were traditionally only available in white. Even though that is longer the case major appliances that are made of enamel-coated sheet steel are still most often referred to as white goods.

Why do you need to hire a professional white goods disposal and recycling service?

Hiring a professional white goods disposal service will make the entire process of removing your old bulky appliance easy.  Especially if you are unfamiliar with moving such bulky appliances you will not be completely prepared for the planning and work involved. The entire operation of shifting, moving and disposing is more complex than you may initially believe which is why hiring professional removers will ensure that the job is done on time and with minimum inconvenience to you.

Another benefit of not attempting to do this by yourself is the injury risk factor. Moving heavy appliances is not easy and can cause you physical pain or damage if not done correctly and if you do not have enough man power to help with the lifting. Professionals have the resources and the experience in moving heavy objects in a safe manner, so the job is done with minimum hassle.

Disposal also provides its own logistical issues because moving bulky items is not easy and you would need a correctly sized vehicle for hauling. Plus as these come under hazardous waste you need to be extra careful and aware of where and how you dispose of the appliance. You can wait for local council collection but that does not always happen at times convenient to you and you will still be left with the task of moving the bulky item from your home to the designated location for pickup.

Why choose UKDAR?

We are experts in white goods collection and recycling and can handle the entire operation from pick up to disposal with professional swiftness and efficiency. Our team has years of experience removing a wide range of bulky items and we are backed by our fleet of vehicles ensuring that we always have the correct vehicle at hand for the job. Further, we are dedicated to white goods recycling or repurposing whenever possible because we are strongly committed to eco-friendly waste disposals. We work with reputed recycling services while also donating the items to charity shops if that is your wish and your white goods are in working condition. You can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that the white goods collection service we provide you is done with the utmost care for the environment and current legislations.

How much do white goods disposal and recycling services cost?

UKDAR is actually very cost effective as we cater to each client’s specific requirements so that you pay for the work actually done. Our competitive pricing includes no hidden or unnecessary cost factors leaving you with an affordable white goods collection service that removes the stress from you. We are flexible and work around a schedule convenient to you, ensuring that you do not have to spend days waiting for the waste removal to happen. Do get in touch with us today with your requirements and receive a no obligations free quote and find out just how affordable our service truly is.