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Specialist office clearance services in Watford

Clearing your office space may look simple and easy but once you consider all the factors involved, it is quite a complicated process. Hence this job is best left to the professional team at UKDAR. Whether you are moving your business to a new location or simply making a few changes to your existing premises, UKDAR will give you an on-site assessment, and ensure your office is cleared before your deadline. We provide flexible working hours to make sure we do not interrupt your office hours. Our team is available for your office clearance services at any time; albeit early mornings, late nights, and even weekends!

Essential information to ensure a smooth clearance of office premises

When you approach UKDAR for inquiries on your office clearance in Watford, we need certain information in order to respond to you with an assessment or a quote. Most importantly, we need the address of your office, details on how big it is, particulars and pictures of office furniture, which floor of the building your office is located, is there a lift or only a staircase, and details on parking spaces.

Particulars of clearance services offered by UKDAR

Our office clearance team will first categorize the office furniture and try to dismantle items such as desks, shelves, and chairs to the maximum possible extent. Dismantling the furniture allows saving space in the removal vans. Once the furniture has been loaded into the van, we will arrange the rubbish clearance and tidy up the place. Waste items that can be reused will be sent to appropriate recycling or charity centers and absolute rubbish will be disposed of at an appropriate site. The office furniture that has to be moved will be transported to the new site, unloaded from the van, and then assembled at the new location.

What items are included in office and rubbish clearance services?

In simple words, UKDAR offers clearance for ALL office furniture and will arrange the disposal of ALL kinds of rubbish. If you are looking for details on what items we clear, please read below:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Computers
  • Electronic waste
  • Files and documents
  • Filing cabinets
  • Confidential waste
  • Pedestal fans
  • Coffee machines
  • Refrigerators

Why choose the services of UKDAR removals in Watford?

Whether you are looking for clearance of a few items or entire office space, the UKDAR team is at your service. We can help you save time and money while ensuring proper professional service. Removing, re-cycling, and reusing all your office items is what we specializing it, with an end result of leaving your office neat and tidy. With years of experience in the field and skilled and professional staff on our team, you can be rest assured that we will complete the job in high standards. Our hassle-free services come at competitive prices and our clients are guaranteed on-time completion of the project. UKDAR’s office clearance services in Watford are also in line with all UK and EU legislation so you do not have to worry about the legalities of the process either.

Why choose a professional removal company?

By hiring a professional removal company for office and house clearance services, you will be able to enjoy peace of mind during the removal process. A stress-free mental state is highly valuable in comparison to handling the removal by yourself. You don’t have to worry about a vehicle to transport office furniture, hiring the vehicle, arranging insurance for it, the damage that can be caused to the furniture, and all the hard work that you have to put in to dismantle and re-assemble the furniture, rubbish clearance and tidying up the place. Free yourself from all the headaches and get in touch with UKDAR removals to clear your office in Watford.