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Qualified Office Removals in London

What Are Office Removals?

Office removals are a specialized service offered to any business organization that wants to move their physical office to a new location. This service is different from house removals in terms of planning, organizing, packing, budgeting, and time constraints. As long as your inventory can be dismantled and fit in crates, any type of office removal in London can be undertaken by the team at UKDAR.

Before going ahead with any move, prior planning is essential. The first thing to sort out is to get a team of qualified office removal services to safely move everything to your new office space. A thorough assessment of your business, office furniture, work stations, tech equipment, documents, and files needs to be conducted both before and after the moving process. Every item should be accounted for to make sure nothing is misplaced and everything reaches the new office premises in the same state as your old one, allowing your business to function at full speed immediately after the move.

UKDAR assures diligence and expertise, careful handling during the business relocation, thereby ensuring the least disruption to your business. We also adhere to the health and safety requirements while focusing on a smooth transition of your office removal in London.

Why would a business relocate?

  • Proximity to clients:
    It is important to be as close as possible to the majority of your client base. The competition in every industry is getting tougher each day and it is best to give customers every possible reason to do business with only your company.
  • The necessity to reach a new market:
    If you believe your services will be more appreciated in another geographical location, business relocation is the best option. This could be because one particular market is saturated. But in this case, new markets emerge soon.
  • It is more cost-effective to run your business elsewhere:
    Due to reasons such as the cost of living, transport, and other costs that affect a business, it would prove to be more profitable to run your business from another location.
  • The necessity to expand:
    When your business grows, you realize that you need a bigger space to work from. This means you could move to a larger area in the same city or move to another city altogether.
  • Issues related to labor and workforce:
    Sometimes, the type of workforce required for your business may not be available in your geographical location. In that case, moving from rural areas to a London office or vice versa may be necessary to easily access the staff.

Pro Tips for Office Removal

  • Advance planning: depending on the size of your business and IT systems, an office removal should begin planning at least 12 weeks in advance by creating a list of tasks and who should carry them out.
  • Inform the workforce: this step is a big change for the workforce as well. Inform them in advance so they are physically and mentally prepared and begin to organize their belongings early on.
  • Retain productivity: an organized move of offices means your team can carry on a ‘business as usual’ approach until the move happens.
  • Updated details: while you are busy with the move, minor, yet obvious details such as informing customers, changing business card contact details, as well as website and social media profile amendments, can be overlooked. Make sure this is done in advance.
  • Delegate tasks: let each staff member know exactly what they should be doing on the day of the move.
  • Identify priorities: move larger and valuable items first. Also, give priority to IT systems and phone lines so employees can get back to work immediately after the move.
  • Label furniture: exact location and person it belongs to. Differently colored labels for each workstation makes identification easier.
  • Follow the floor plan and measure items while also making sure everything fits in place.

Why choose the services of UKDAR removals London?

  • Whether your office has a handful of employees or over 500 employees, UKDAR can relocate offices anywhere in the UK.
  • As a result of years of service, our skilled team carefully packs and protects all goods, especially the IT goods, during the commercial moving process.
  • We have complete insurance policies as well as tailor made policies to suit different business requirements.
  • UKDAR assigns a coordinator for each job, who monitors the procedures of the entire removal team and is responsible for a smooth transition.
  • We are a licensed waste carrier and offer our clients a variety of recycling and disposal services.
  • We offer fast, efficient, and secure office removal services, ensuring minimal business disruption.
  • In addition to removals, we also offer cleaning services for your old and new office premises.

Contact us for a free quote, which is highly affordable and includes professional packing materials for all types of businesses.

Why do you need a professional removals company?

  • From start to finish, a professional removal company will completely manage the relocation.
  • Professionals will manage all the dismantling and reassembling of your office fixtures, furniture, and fittings.
  • With a professional company, just one weekend should be sufficient to complete the removal service.
  • You don’t need to worry about safe and secure short or long term storage services for all your commercial items.
  • A removal company will also offer full crate hire services; with these hire crates being delivered to your office a few days before the move if required.
  • Inform us about special items and we will create custom crates for these, to fit the dimensions needed.
  • Professionals guarantee responsible disposal of your waste.
  • A technical team will be available to transport the IT infrastructure during the office removal.
  • After transportation, the IT systems will be up and running with minimum downtime.
  • A removal company will arrange parking permits in advance at all locations.