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Man and Van Services in London

What Аre Man and Van Services?

UKDAR is a professional removals company that offers tailor-made man and van services as per your needs and requirements. While complete removal services take you through the move from packing up everything at the old place to unpacking at the new place, man and van London is a more personalized and localized service that will deliver big and valuable items that you need assistance with moving. The team at UKDAR will determine what your job needs and then supply exactly that. Whether it is a small studio move or transferring just a sofa, every service request is important to us. We will show up at the right time with the right equipment and maximum dedication, striving to do better with every London man and van contract.

How Is Everything Organised?

We are determined to make the task of moving as convenient as possible for you. As soon as you contact UKDAR with an inquiry, we will provide you with the prices and once the confirmation is received, we assign a professional from our team to oversee the job from start to finish. Our team will be there with all the necessary items needed for packing, securing, and protecting your items, along with tools to disassemble and reassemble items so that they fit through narrow spaces.

Man and Van Moving Tips

Many of our customers want insight and some tips on how to go about a move when hiring a man and van London services. In response to overwhelming queries on the topic, we are offering free tips on how to carry out a move with the help of a man and van services, while also saving money and time.

  • Advance booking

It is always a great idea to book the services of man and van company in advance, especially if planning a move during peak seasons such as school holidays and summer season. In fact, with advance bookings, you are more likely to get a better rate and thereby will save some money as compared to booking on short notice.

  • Prepare with the packing

Packing up your belongings when planning to move homes is a very time-consuming task. Get down the packing material well ahead. Start with the packing slowly and early so that you don’t have to rush, you are less likely to misplace items, and you are stress-free as the moving day approaches. Start with the items you won’t need for a while, pack room by room, label boxes so they can be identified easily, and protect fragile items.

  • Plan your move and be ready for the day

Make sure you have a parking spot for the moving van and their team. Keep your boxes stacked in order – heaviest at the bottom. Make sure that when the UKDAR man and van removals services arrive at your location, your belongings are ready to be picked up and transported to the new location smoothly, without any wastage of time.

  • Keep the new property key in hand

Although this might sound strange, many a time we have experienced the new location key being misplaced. Keep the key in hand before the team arrives and hand it over to them so you don’t have to look after it until all the goods are transported.

  • Unpacking your belongings

This part is usually fun and exciting but be careful as to not misplace items. Unpack box by box and carefully decide where you want to keep each item in your new home.

Why choose UKDAR London services?

  • Experienced: our team is experienced and skilled in all moving matters; hence you can rest assured that you are handing over your belongings to trustworthy employees.
  • Qualified: we only hire employees that are qualified and can be trusted with our clients’ belongings. These are individuals who have mastered the art of moving with training and hands-on experience.
  • Equipped: we have the right trucks, forklifts for heavy items, furniture sliders, moving dollies, moving straps, protective gear, and first aid kits – everything necessary to carry out a smooth moving process with a man and van company in London.
  • Certified: by saying we are certified, we are not just licensed, but we guarantee quality in all our services.
  • Flexible: we recognize that every move is unique. Our man and van London services are tailored to every client’s budget and requirements. Also, we work 24 hours a day and seven days a week to serve our clients even with short notice for man and van services. In addition to the man with a van, we also offer a wide range of services such as house and office removals, delivery services, rubbish clearance, freight and cargo, and much more.
  • Economical: at UKDAR we understand the expenses that come with removal. Therefore, we focus on giving customers a cost effective deal rather than overcharging for our gain. We aim to gain repeated customers by offering personalized professional services at a low cost. All of our charges are stated openly and no hidden fees will be incurred.
  • Local Knowledge: our drivers and removal team knows the city of London, Greater London, and the surrounding areas inside out. As soon as your job is confirmed, we can accurately plan your move and transport your belongings from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Is UKDAR man and van service insured?

UKDAR man and van London has a comprehensive goods-in-transit insurance policy that covers client belongings in case of an emergency. We work towards providing the utmost care and due diligence in our services while making sure your belongings are fully insured and taken care of from start to finish.

Does UKDAR offer an environmentally friendly service?

UKDAR has taken measures to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet by minimizing our impact on the environment. We make sure any wastage is disposed of responsibly. In doing so, we want our clients to feel content about choosing our environmentally friendly services.