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White glove delivery Watford

If you have goods that deserve that extra care then white glove delivery Watford is the option for you, as this superior service gives you more attention than regular services. It is a premium delivery service, that gives your items special attention due to their size, value or fragility with complete care during their transportation. It is a growing trend among consumers because it ensures personalised and special care.

What are white glove delivery services?

White glove delivery is an option when you are looking for a delivery service that takes every necessary precaution to deliver your goods to your specifications when extra care is required. It is a service that refers to the handling and care used to deliver goods, a reference to a butler service where they would wear white gloves. A white glove approach is all about delivering a prompt and tailor made service to customer, with specific attention to detail.

Why you need to hire a professional white glove delivery service

When you opt for a professional white glove delivery service you are opting for a superior service, from the utmost care right throughout transport to the parcel being moved inside for you, unpacked and set up. The movers will also dispose of any packing materials. Basically, you do not have to do a thing, because everything is taken care of. It is the ideal service for large freight, that can be easily damaged such as pallets of delicate goods, wedding cakes, climate sensitive items like artwork, light fixtures, rare antiques or scratchable furniture.

Where necessary a white glove service includes the usage of padded vans and temperature and climate-controlled trucks. Some will even provide CCTV monitoring. This is the service to opt for if you want your deliveries transported with extra care while it also includes installation or assembly of the items as well.

Why Choose UKDAR?

White glove service is a mind set and attitude that sets this service apart from the rest, which is what our dedicated team provides. Our experienced team ensures that each package is treated delicately throughout the journey and delivered to the customer in its pristine condition it was handed over to us in, because we are experts in end-to-end handling of all kinds of goods.

We take the complication out of moving and shipping speciality items with our white glove service. Our customized packaging of goods based on their nature, size, value and fragility keeps them safe and secure. We follow the best packing methods and practices so that your valuable item is safe throughout the journey ensuring you experience a no-stress delivery. Our professionals follow all the standard protocols and guidelines for handling consignments safely. All of this is done within the agreed upon time frame with an arranged delivery time that is convenient to you the customer so that your package never runs the risk of being left unattended. However, you do receive timely updates of your package and its progress so that you are aware every step of the way.

How much does a white glove delivery service cost?

When you choose a white glove delivery service you are choosing the assurance of an impeccable and meticulous doorstep delivery. This is backed by a dedicated customer service that keeps you updated throughout the journey. Your specific requirements will be adhered to as you experience the luxury of a tailor made delivery.

Get in touch with us at UKDAR to find out details about our affordable white glove delivery service that will give you peace of mind as your treasured items make their way across to you.