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WEEE Waste Disposal in Watford

WEEE waste stands for Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment in reference to waste that cannot be sent to landfill because they have hazardous components such as lead, barium, lithium, mercury and cadmium. WEEE waste is said to be currently the fastest growing waste streams with the best solution for its disposal being recycling and reuse whenever possible. It is covered by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations, which is designed to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills.

What items are considered to be WEEE Waste?

WEEE waste or electrical waste can be toxic as it is not biodegradable and instead accumulate in our soil, water, air and generally the environment as a whole. Most products that have a plug or battery can broadly be categorised as WEEE waste with the current regulations stating that large household appliances such as fridges, microwaves, fridges, washing machines etc all come under this category of waste. Electrical waste contains a complex mixture of materials which are hazardous and cause long term problems and health issues. This type of waste can be recognised by the WEEE wheelie bin logo, which is a black symbol denoting a crossed out wheelie bin. It was put in place by the EU.

Why do you need to safely dispose of WEEE waste?

WEEE waste has to be disposed of safely because it contains a complex mix of non-degradable and sometimes toxic hazardous materials. As said when not disposed of correctly they can cause major environmental and health problems such as adverse effects to the heart, liver and kidneys. Further, by recycling or reusing whenever possible it reduces the amount sent to landfill and saves massive resources as tonnes of materials are reused without having to be sourced all over again. Safe disposal has ensured that exploitation of precious resources has massively reduced with professional recycling helping to reduce the poisonous emissions from metal mining by up to 50%.

Why do you need to hire a professional for WEEE waste disposal?

By law WEEE waste requires separate collection, a special type of treatment and proper disposal different to other types of waste. This type of waste contains a complex mix of materials some of which are hazardous which is why it needs special handling. Mostly WEEE waste needs to be prepared for recovery and recycling and professional WEEE waste disposal services have the knowledge and experience to ensure WEEE waste is collected correctly and sent to the relevant centres for recycling. WEEE items cannot be sent to landfill as they can lead to health and environmental problems. Hiring a professional WEEE waste disposal service will contribute towards the EU requirements of increasing resource efficiency, improving sustainable production and consumption and contributing to the circular economy.

What is included in a WEEE waste disposal service?

A Watford WEEE waste disposal service will ensue that the waste is disposed of correctly and within the stipulated regulations. They will collect the waste from your premises and transport them to the relevant recycling in Watford so that they can be reused, recycled or repurposed if possible. Professional services offer pick up for WEEE waste being sent to recycling in Watford.

Why choose UKDAR?

If you are looking for a cost effective professional disposal service that you can be assured will do the disposal within the legal guidelines in a transparent and efficient way, then UKDAR is the correct choice. We have decades of experience in the field and are a reputed name in the industry. Our team of experts handle WEEE removals smoothly and transport them to the relevant locations such as for recycling or repurposing, as recommended by EU laws. Especially if you are a company using UKDAR for WEEE waste removals, it will be beneficial to your corporate social responsibility credentials. We can determine which of your WEEE waste is actually hazardous to the environment and separate it from the others so that it can be sent to the relevant locations. We work closely with approved WEEE recycling and disposal centres

When you hire our services, you have nothing to worry about as we ensure that your disposals are fully compliant with legal obligations regarding the disposal of electronic waste. Being responsible regarding the disposal of such waste is a stringent requirement according to the law across the UK and Europe. We remove the stress of you having to try to organise the removal by yourself.

How much do WEEE waste disposal services cost in Watford?

We understand the need for proper disposal of WEEE waste which is why offer a quick and safe removal of your waste and transport them to the relevant centres efficiently. We do this for the best possible price with no hidden costs.

Once you let us know exactly what your WEEE waste consists of we send you a quote based on your actual requirement. We provides a stress free high quality service from start to finish, providing you with the relevant documentation to prove that the removal and disposals were done according to legal guidelines. Do get in touch with us today for a WEEE disposal service that you will truly appreciate, as it cuts down on both time and money you would otherwise spend trying to dispose of the waste yourself.