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Watford Schools Removals Services

Do you need to relocate your entire school? UKDAR offers school removals in Watford to ensure a smooth relocation, with no teaching time wasted. We offer full packing services in addition to supplying boxes and crates and designing a plan to systematically move the school or classrooms in a carefully planned order.

With school removals, not only are the books and files important, IT equipment and furniture also need to be carefully handled. Our skilled team can be trusted to transport these items to your new school swiftly and safely. We also understand that when moving schools, there isn’t a budget for buying new furniture, so we will organize and match your existing furniture with the new layout in appropriate classrooms and other locations.

Why we’re experts in Watford school removals?

UKDAR has been in the man and van and removal industry for many years, and has been able to establish strong networks across the country, thereby earning the trust of many of our valued customers. Being one of the largest professional removal companies in Watford, UKDAR is a name you can trust.

Whether it is a few classrooms that have to be swapped around or it is an entire school removal in Watford, we have a wide range of vehicles that can handle the smallest to largest of moves, and our business is built on trust, reliability and professionalism. We have successfully carried out several house moves, office moves, and school removals over the years, in addition to other delivery, rubbish collection and clearance services.

UKDAR has a team of professional foremen and porters with hands-on experience of the particular demands and logistics involved in a school removal process. We have had massive school removals, going into multiple phases over a few years, temporary premises being involved, and items going into long and short-term storage before being delivered into the new school location as per the plan.

For school removals, the administration’s main goal is a smooth transition between the two sites, with no loss of teaching time. We ensure that when the new school term begins, your school is fully functioning and ready to go.

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Why choose UKDAR

Specialized removal services from UKDAR is the best choice for your school relocation in the Watford area. Not only do we offer competitive prices, but also a range of stress free services including:

  • A customized removal itinerary scheduling all details of your school move, however complex it may be.
  • Efficiency in implementing your school removal plan, ensuring high levels of staff morale and your school being able to operate on time.
  • A personalized, friendly, and professional removal service, committed towards maximum customer care.
  • An experienced removal team that is able to overcome complex school removal challenges.
  • Safe and secure storage solutions for any storage needs.
  • Secure and responsible disposal of unnecessary equipment, documents, technical items and furniture.
  • A complete moving and packing service, including crate hire for books and IT items.
  • Expert advice and implementation assistance with regard to IT and other infrastructure relocation.
  • A fully insured service that involves no risk whatsoever.

Tips for moving schools

  1. Arrange for packing boxes and make sure you have them at hand before you start clearing things so you can just keep grabbing boxes as you need them.
  2. Invest in a few large plastic storage containers and use these for items that are not box friendly. These fit into any space on top of cabinets and are convenient for storage in your new classroom. Things that you don’t want to throw away at present because you may need it later are what you should be dumping in these containers.
  3. Label every part of every box that you pack! We cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to specifically label what you’ve put into each box.
  4. Before loading boxes one on top of the other, complete the packing of these boxes. Then you know how to place the heavy ones at the bottom and the rest on top.
  5. Throw unwanted stuff – torn books, extra crayons, old posters, and anything that you’ve never used.
  6. Get comfortable with your professional removal team. You’ll be trusting them with all your school belongings!
  7. Request for help from colleagues, even if it is just to move a few boxes. Relocating just a classroom is also difficult. Don’t forget to appreciate their help.
  8. Dress comfortably on days when intense removal chores are scheduled. You’ll be doing a lot of climbing in dusty environments so you have to be prepared.

Flexible school moving services

UKDARs professional and certified Watford removal team is able to adopt to the planning and execution of large moves. Get in touch with us to discuss the specific requirements of teachers and students, so we can plan your school removal accordingly. We will work with you to figure out a relocation plan that allows maximum productivity throughout the school year. We also have the know-how to handle a challenge where you may require removal in the midst of a school term. With teamwork and commitment as priority, our staff will ensure your relocation is as smooth and efficient as possible.