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Wardrobe Disposal Services in London

Getting rid of wardrobes and drawers can be a challenge because these are heavy and bulky items that are difficult to lift and maneuver out of your home. These heavy items also pose danger to one’s health and safety and can also cause damage and scratches to walls and other parts of your home during the process.

Well, guess what? UKDAR has good news – we can help with our man and van teams to dispose your old wardrobes and clear your property in a professional manner and with minimum damage. Our team has the technical know-how, experience and equipment to offer the best wardrobe disposal services in London.

What is included in our wardrobe disposal service?

In planning your house clearance, you may want to make more space in your home or want to replace some existing furniture, UKDARs furniture disposal service London helps you clear your home and make the space required quickly and easily. By providing a means of furniture collection and disposing your old wardrobes in just a few minutes, we aim to take away the stress of figuring out how you will do the heavy lifting to move the bulky item out of your home.

In providing a speedy, efficient and professional removals service, the items we can dispose off are:

  • Wardrobes
  • Shelves
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Dressing tables
  • Bedside tables
  • Bedroom mirrors
  • Chairs and stools

Why Choose UKDAR?

Hiring UKDAR for your wardrobe disposal needs is a good idea as compared to doing the task yourself or even hiring a skip. In addition to disposing your wardrobe, we also offer other clearance services such as rubbish collection, junk removal, furniture removals, warehouse relocations, house removals, office clearance, garden waste clearance, basement clearance, restaurant clearance and much more. Our skilled team aims to provide quick, clean and friendly disposal services that customers can trust at all times. We help both commercial and domestic customers, saving time for everyone and freeing up valuable space. By offering professional help with the clearance of large and heavy items, we can solve some serious problems that would otherwise be very daunting to carry out yourself. Contact UKDAR for any assistance with wardrobe and drawer disposal near you.

How our wardrobe disposal service works?

  • Contact us to schedule your wardrobe disposal. If you need a same day furniture removal service, we can absolutely handle it!
  • We will give you an estimate based on how you describe the size of the wardrobe and whatever else you need to be cleared from the site.
  • Confirm the appointment if you are happy with our estimate.
  • On the day of the service, meet our team and arrange access to the property. If you require urgent furniture collection and you are unable to be there, we can pick up the keys from another location, remove the unwanted item or items from your property and return the key to wherever specified.
  • Our team will load your item into a vehicle and safely dispose it at a recycling center or any other legal disposal site.

How much does wardrobe disposal service cost?

Wardrobe disposal services don’t have a fixed cost. Our disposal team gives you an estimate based on the types of furniture that has to be removed. It is always more cost effective to hire professionals for the service because the chances of damage are much less. A skip hire on the other hand will cost more and will need the arrangement of vehicle permits to come up your driveway for unwanted furniture collection. If you compare that hassle to our quick and efficient removal and disposal service, there really is no competition in terms of pricing as well as peace of mind in letting professionals handle the job.