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Sofa Removal Services London

At some time in our lives we all go through the process of having to move or remove a sofa. We need to move a sofa or sofa bed for a number of reasons, from shifting to a new place, to the sofa losing its integrity, to it no longer suiting your lifestyle or it not being suitable for your new home. Whatever the reason, removing a sofa can be a real nightmare when trying to negotiate it out of the house and then sorting out the transport to its next destination. Hiring a sofa removal London service will take care of the stress of moving your sofa.

Why you need to hire a professional sofa removal service?

There is a reason they are called professionals. They have the experience and expertise together with the all-important man power to do the heavy lifting. Furniture removal is a tedious task and needs people to do the lifting while negotiating the corners, levels and steps of the house. Sofa disposal too can be made less troublesome by hiring a clearance service who will have the right tools and equipment to remove your sofa with minimum fuss. They will also take care not to damage either the sofa or your home during the removal.

Reliable removers will set a date and time slot convenient to you so that you will not have to schedule the move around the availability of family and friends. Everything is done according to health and safety guidelines with the proper protective gear, so the chances of accidents or injury are greatly minimised. If your sofa is in good condition you may wish to send it for donation or refurbishment which the clearance service can organise for you. Just one more thing you will not have to manage by yourself which leaves you with time to sort out other matters that may require your attention.

Why Choose UKDAR?

We are a reputed company trusted throughout our decades in the industry to provide a professional and efficient waste disposal in London service. Our friendly and experienced team of removers ensure each move we undertake is hassle free one for our customers. Backed by our fleet of vehicles we are able to provide a complete waste disposal and waste collection service so that you have nothing to worry about once you hire our help. You will not have to spend days with an unsightly sofa cluttering up your garden, walkway or pavement awaiting a collection.

We are a licensed removal company committed to our green policy which is why we always guarantee to dispose of your unwanted furniture in accordance with government regulations. Where donation, recycling or refurbishing is possible we always make that our first option before opting for an ethical disposal. You are provided with all the necessary documentation once completed. Hiring our service saves you time and money, both of which have immense value in today’s world.

How much does a sofa removal service cost?

If you need a sofa removed conveniently then get in touch with our customer service to discuss your requirements and to receive a no-obligations free quote. You will see just how cost effective it is to have experts handle your rubbish clearance as a quick and sustainable way to get rid of your old sofa.  We provide you with a flexible customised great service that has no hidden costs with pricing catering to your specific moving requirements. We make sofa removal easy, so get in touch with us today and do yourself the favour of experiencing a trouble free removal.