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Sofa Removal Services in Watford

On average, each household replaces their sofas every 11 years. In UK, there is bulky waste collection of about 1.6 million tonnes every year, with 40% of that being furniture, and 200,000 tons worth of sofas and armchairs. So, if you are one of those people wondering what to do with your old sofa, think twice and think smart. First of all, it is important to find a suitable service that offers sofa removal Watford, which will be more cost effective for you and also will be helpful to the environment. Recycle your old sofa, give it away to one of the sofa re-use networks, or re-sell it yourself, whatever you decide, UKDAR is here to help you with your sofa removal in Watford.

Hire the best Sofa removal company in Watford

To prevent the piling up of thousands of sofas that collect in landfills every year, wasting resources and harming the environment, UKDAR now offers a responsible sofa removal and disposal service.

All you have to do is get in touch with us and schedule an appointment for when we can pick up your old sofa before the new one arrives. In ensuring responsible disposal of sofas, we send these to an authorized waste disposal center which has a high landfill diversion rate, and request them to see what can be done with your sofa. These sofas try as much as possible to process your sofa in a manner that minimizes the impact on our environment. In terms of re-use, re-sell or recycle, UKDAR can deliver it to the desired location.

Why Choose UKDAR

As one of the most experienced clearance company in UK, we have the required equipment, knowledge, skill and manpower to remove and dispose sofas. Our prices are economical and we work 24/7 to be flexible enough to cater to convenient timings of our clients. We offer same day and next day sofa collection services as well. In addition to sofa removal service, we also offer junk removal services, garden waste disposal, skip hire, builders waste clearance, house clearance, commercial waste clearance, and waste collection of any sort of unwanted items in your home, office or factory site.

Get in touch with our two persons furniture disposal team for a free quote on your sofa removal and other clearance services and man and van services that you may require. We can also help with your home or office removal and assist with delivering small or large packages from one place to another.

How much does Sofa removal services cost?

An estimated 20% of sofas are re-used while most others end up in a landfill. To reduce the landfill pile-up rates, try offering your sofa to friends and family who need it, or try an online market place, or a charity sofa collection. If your sofa is not in a re-usable condition, the next step is to see if it can be recycled.

Recycling sofas are a costly affair. Hence it is important to choose a sofa removal service in Watford that tries their best to send your sofa for recycling at affordable rates. UKDAR understands the importance of recycling and helping the environment and therefore makes sure economical recycling is done as much as possible.

Cost of sofa removals depends on the size of sofas and number of sofas that have to be disposed. Sofa sizes range from 2 seaters to 4 seaters, which includes sofa beds, recliners and corner sofas. So, depending on how big your settee is, and whether it has to be delivered for re-use or sent to recycling centres, the cost will vary depending on your requirements.