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Site clearance in London

Site clearance in London includes getting rid of debris, waste, rubbish and equipment and such to clear a land. It is an important process for safety reasons, to remove any contaminants from the land and prepare it for future projects. Trained professionals will make sure this happens quickly and correctly so there are no health and safety issues that can arise if the clearance is attempted by non-professionals.

What is a site clearance service?

A site clearance London service is the process of clearing and removing waste from an area to ensure that is free from hazardous material and other large obstacles. If the site has a huge mess then that too is removed by professionals who use heavy machinery to safely remove and dispose of the rubbish.

What is included in a site clearance package?

  • Site clearance services involves rubbish removal, unwanted machinery or material or equipment removal from the site.
  • It can also include the removal of top soil, clearing vegetation and ground levelling based on future construction plans.
  • The service also includes handling and getting rid of hazardous materials.

Why do you need to hire a professional site clearance service?

A professional site clearance service will know the correct steps that have to be followed while also having the correct equipment, tools and gear to carry out an efficient waste removal and clearance. For a site to be considered as truly clear it has to be prepared by removing underground infrastructure, harmful soils, rubble and if there is existing construction it should be demolished and removed.

A clearance service will assess the waste material and determine what can be sent for recycling or re-suing in another project and which should be sent for disposal. They will generally not opt for fly tipping of the waste to avoid legal damages and instead transfer it correctly for proper disposal.

Why Choose UKDAR

UKDAR’s team of experts have years of experience in site clearance, and we are a trusted name in the field. We provide a flexible and efficient service backed by our dedicated team, expertise, equipment and fleet of vehicles. UKDAR is committed to environmentally friendly disposals and to reducing our carbon footprint, so that our clients can have peace of mind in the knowledge that they are doing their part for the planet by hiring us.

As a fully licensed site clearance company we take responsibility towards all collected waste being disposed of correctly. We can do this thanks to our comprehensive understanding of government requirements and disposal methods.

We provide you with all the proper documentation with regards to the clearance and its processes for future reference.

How much does a site clearance service cost?

If you are looking for an affordable site clearing service then contact us today to find out about our competitive prices which we formulate after taking your requirements into consideration. There are no hidden costs as we provide you with the total cost clearly detailed. Our experts will handle the clearance and removals with competence, so you do not have to worry about any aspect of the clearance. Instead you can focus on your future construction projects and working towards making them a reality. We handle all steps of the clearance process to ensure that the site meets with all requirements.

Do get in touch and experience the convenience of a professional service for your site clearance that handles everything from start to finish leaving you a cleared site on which to start the next chapter of the construction journey.