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Self Storage Delivery in London

What is self storage?

Self storage offers a solution to store your goods safely and retrieve them at any time. Both individuals and private companies can benefit from a self storage solution, especially when there is a lack of space currently available for storage. When you are setting up a new business in London or do not presently have a warehouse to store your goods, self storage delivery in London can be particularly useful. It allows you to deposit your goods in a safe and secure location that can be accessed at any time.

Self storage delivery with UKDARs man and van service

UKDAR offers storage space for as long as you need. Whether it is for relocation, renovation, logistics, or business data and documentation, we have an appropriate storage solution for you. We store your boxes and containers in secure houses made from solid steel sheets, strongly bolted and locked, secured by 24/7 CCTV footage as well as manual security. The warehouse is placed away from the public, offers plenty of parking space and access for large vehicles that carry heavy goods.

Self storage systems can be combined with our removal services as well if required. For example, if you are moving homes or offices, or even moving to another town for college education, we offer collection and delivery services of whatever is stored at our warehouse, wherever you need, at any given time!

UKDAR self storage services in London provides storage space for archives, seasonable materials and any sort of stock that is not perishable, hazardous, toxic, corrosive, flammable, volatile, explosive, or anything that will potentially harm another person.

Why would you require storage and delivery services?

If you are a resident in London and are looking to clear out some stuff which you want to keep but do not have space for it, renting storage and delivery services would be a good idea. London storage facilities such as those offered by UKDAR are ideal when considering the storage of items that are not required on a daily basis, but you lack space in your home or office to store them. We offer a wide variety of storage units for tools, inventory, records, and more.

Any useful tips in choosing a self storage facility?

  • Nearby location
    For storage of business inventory and/or records, a storage facility that is close by to you is ideal because the probability of having to access these files and items regularly is high. UKDAR provides not just storage services but also guarantees free collection of items, as well as fast and efficient delivery of the items you have stored in our facility.
  • High standards of storage facilities
    Personally visit your preferred storage facility for an inspection. See how the warehouse is maintained because this will mean whether or not your goods are stored carefully, and this is very important when you want your items stored for a long period of time. Storage facilities offered by UKDAR are well maintained and has an effective pest control system in place as well.
  • Safety systems
    Make sure a fully functioning security system and CCTV is in place. This will assure you that your belongings are safe with the company. Each storage unit at UKDAR has its own alarm, and on-site staff will act accordingly if the alarm goes off. 24-hour video surveillance is also available to guarantee a record of all activities taking place.
  • Insurance Coverage
    When you are delegating a company to store your belongings, it is only wise to inquire about their insurance policy. In case of natural hazards, theft, or any such events, the insurance will compensate for damaged goods. Insurance options are critical when choosing the right choice in storage facilities.
  • Accessibility
    In addition to making sure your storage facility is in a nearby location, you also need to check if the operating hours are suitable to your needs. A facility that is open every day, including weekends is a plus point, particularly when you are storing inventory.
  • Reliability
    Entrusting your possessions to a storage facility means you need to be assured that your items will be safe. You cannot depend on insurance all the time. It is important for the operating facility and their team to be trustworthy, and committed towards ensuring customer service. You can read reviews and ask for referrals of our friendly and experienced team at UKDAR.
  • Flexible payment options
    Rates and payment options depend on the location and the size of storage unit needed. Monthly or weekly rental terms are agreed upon in addition to other charges such as setup fees, security deposit, and transportation. Inquire about online payment options so you can conveniently make transactions.