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Scrap metal Clearance in London

Scrap metal is divided into two types, namely ferrous metals and nonferrous metals. Types of ferrous metals contain iron while nonferrous metals do not. There is also a further distinction for scrap metal when it comes to hazardous or special waste with examples including among others spent battery casings and the metal in waste oil filters.

If you have scrap metal lying around your garden or piled up in your garage do your part for the environment and have these removed correctly before they can contaminate your premises.

What is a Scrap metal clearance service?

Scrap metal is any piece, sheet, composition of metal or any product that contains metal that can be used for recycling. A scrap metal clearance London service helps with sorting out the scrap metal, delivering it to relevant recycling centres and ensuring its safe disposal if recycling is not possible.

What is included in a Scrap metal clearance package?

Scrap metal clearance packages include ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal collection from homes and commercial premises. It can include both single and bulk items removals. Collection services will also remove copper brass wires, stainless steel, car batteries and other metal items such as household appliances, office and factory equipment.

Why do you need to hire a professional scrap metal clearance service?

Enlisting the help of experts will give you peace of mind as they will be experienced in the processes of collection, recycling and disposal. They are trained professionals who will make certain that the entire clearance and collection process is handled efficiently.

Removing scrap metal on your own is not an easy task, a job that may require tools, equipment and of course transportation. A professional service will also help you dispose of your scrap metal safely with the proper metals being sent to the relevant recycling centres and scrap yards. Further, they handle the task quickly thanks to their experience and man power so that within a short period you will enjoy the relief of a clutter free environment.

Why Choose UKDAR?

We are a professional moving company licensed to collect and remove scrap metal with years of experience in the industry. Bulky scrap metal is removed easily and quickly by our experienced team. We sort out and separate ferrous and nonferrous metals and items that are suitable for recycling. Not only do we remove the scrap metal for you but also leave the space clean and tidy while moving the junk to designated destinations, either for recycling or for disposal.

Thanks to our fleet of vehicles and equipment we can guarantee a quick service ensuring that you actually save time, energy and money when you hire our services. We are a licensed company with a strong commitment towards environmentally friendly removals so that you as our customers can be rest assured that as far as possible, your removal will have no adverse effect on the environment.

How much does a scrap metal clearance service cost?

If you are looking for a scrap metal clearance London service then we are the team for you. We offer competitive rates for a full service tailored to your specific requirements. Everything is clearly detailed from beginning to the end of the service, so you need not worry about any sudden hidden costs. UKDAR is committed to reducing our carbon footprint the benefit of which our customers enjoy as we ensure that no scrap metal is dumped, but that instead everything is done correctly and within stipulated government laws.

Do get in touch with us for a no-obligations free quote and find out for yourself just how cost effective our service is.