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School Clearance Services in London

Need to get rid of the old desks, chairs, paper, boxes and all sorts of waste piling up in your school? UKDAR offers a specialist school clearance service in London, assuring that your school is kept clean and neat at all times. Our experienced team has the knowledge and expertise to take care of disposing off wastage from your school, and giving you peace of mind and satisfaction. Whether it is just one room or floor to be cleared or an entire school in need of waste clearance, our dedicated team can handle any size of job. We also ensure to reuse and recycle your wastage to the best of our ability, thereby minimizing harm to the environment.

Why you need to hire a professional school clearance service

Being in charge of running a school is a busy and tiring job, leaving no time for dealing with school clearance. Everyone employed at the school also have their own responsibilities to deal with. Hire UKDARs professional school clearance service and pass the burden onto us. Relying on professionals for this task minimizes any damage to furniture and other items you want cleared from the school, as well as to walls and narrow pathways through which the items have to be moved out. Whether it is end of term clearance, school relocation or just regular rubbish collection needs, we will collect your school waste from anywhere, at any time. Once we’ve collected the rubbish, you can count on us to dispose your waste carefully and in an environmentally friendly manner, by taking anything to be recycled to an environment agency.

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Why Choose UKDAR

UKDARs professional school clearance service in London provides the following waste disposal features to our clients:

  • Friendly and professional service
  • Maximum possible materials to be recycled
  • Satisfaction and peace of mind guaranteed
  • All aspects of school clearance undertaken
  • Guarantee that no waste is fly-tipped

We can get rid of the following items in your school:

  • Desks, chairs, benches and other classroom furniture.
  • Old computers, printers, box files, papers and other office and stationary equipment.
  • Broken trampolines, mats, hoola hoops, and other P.E equipment.

How much does a school clearing service cost?

Because each school clearance job is different in nature, UKDAR only offers an estimate upon inquiries from customers because we cannot guess the exact volume of rubbish removal services required. Furthermore, the nature of some clearances are very different to others; some jobs may require one room to be cleaned, some an entire floor, and some an entire school.

UKDARs estimate takes into consideration only location and assumption of waste weight. Other costs such as parking, access to property and exact waste weight are calculated at the time of job completion. If your job is extremely bulky and require multiple loads, UKDAR is happy to offer discounts.

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