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Plasterboard clearance London

What is a plasterboard clearance service?

If you are looking to dispose of plasterboard correctly then look for plasterboard clearance London services for convenience. Since April 2009 the European Legislation prohibits plasterboard from being put into landfills. This is applicable to both individuals and businesses. All plasterboards must instead be re-used or disposed of at specialist recycling centres or designated landfills separately.

As a building material plasterboard is convenient and completely safe, but when it comes to disposing of it, there are a few challenges that come up. Plasterboard is not hazardous waste in itself but can become so when not disposed of properly. As plasterboard is made up of gypsum it produces a poisonous gas when disposed of with biodegradable waste. Long exposure in a landfill causes it to breakdown and produce hydrogen sulphide or sewer gas or swamp gas. That is why plasterboard disposal has to be done separately, to stop it from putrefying.

What is included in a plasterboard clearance package?

When you hire a professional waste removal service then you do not have to worry about any aspect of the removal. If you are an individual you have to separate and segregate plasterboard from the other waste till disposal. Even if you are only removing a small amount of plasterboard the strict guidelines have to be followed. Every aspect of the plasterboard removal is done for you by the licensed removal service.

A plasterboard clearance package provided by a waste management company will ensure that the plasterboard is packed safely, removed and delivered to a dedicated plasterboard recycling facility.

Why choose UKDAR?

We are a reputed London waste removal company that always deliver responsible disposal backed by our team of experienced industry specialists. Efficient collection and waste transfer is something we take pride in, along with our complete cost effective flexible service. All you need to do is bag your plasterboard separately till our waste disposal team arrives and we will do the rest. We transport the plasterboard separately to designated recycling facilities, providing you with the proper documentation so you have a full audit trail. We can also provide same day collection if you have concerns about not being able to store the plasterboard correctly.

UKDAR is a licensed company with a strong commitment towards green removals. As our customer you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that your disposals are not harming the environment. Together with our experts, equipment and fleet of vehicles we can guarantee a quick removal, so our customers save time and money when they hire our services.

Why do you need to hire a professional plasterboard-clearance service?

Professional collection services can carry out the rubbish removal efficiently with no hassle for you. Everything is done in compliance with Environmental Agency rules and regulations. It is also difficult to deny the convenience of having your plasterboard clearance done for you so that you do not have to handle the packing and logistics on your own. They collect and recycle the plasterboard, so you do not have to worry about skip hire and other such aspects of a removal.

How much does a plasterboard clearance service cost?

If you are looking for a professional plasterboard removal in London then we are the service for you. We offer competitive rates for a full service tailored to your specific requirements. We guarantee no hidden costs as we clearly detail all aspects of the removal from the beginning to the end. You can always check with our friendly team for any clarifications. We our committed to ethical disposals and ensure that the plasterboard disposal is done correctly and within the stipulated government regulations.

Do get in touch with us for a no-obligations free quote and find out for yourself just how cost effective our service is.