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Piano Removals Watford

Although pianos are heavy and bulky items, they are also very delicate, requiring utmost care when they are being handled for removals. Damage to pianos may not be visible on the outside, but any minor injury could result in a damage to the internal mechanism. Repair costs for such damages may cost a fortune. Which is why it is better to be safe than sorry and ensure that the removal of your piano is left to the professional piano removals in Watford.

Professional Piano Removal Service

Piano removals are a sensitive affair. Whether you are moving houses or have just bought a new piano, you will need more than one person to carry it. The removals team at UKDAR is knowledgeable and has successfully transported pianos for hundreds of customers, and continues to do so every day. In combining tools of the trade along with the correct technique, piano movers at UKDAR use special tools such as dollies to relocate your piano. We also make use of skids to move the piano and decrease the risk of it falling.

Get in touch with UKDAR for all your piano removal needs and we will provide you with an instant quote, along with a dedicated member from our removals team who will coordinate with you regarding your inquiry. This professional will organize all your removal services from start to finish, ensuring the best of services are provided by UKDAR at all times. Our main goal is to create a safe strategy to transport your valuable piano at an affordable rate. We are also dedicated towards providing professional services and maximum possible customer service in doing so.

Relief your removal stress by hiring our professional removal company, whether it is for home removals, office removals, or just to get your piano moved!

Long Distance Piano Removal Service

In situations where the piano has to be transported to another location, we take additional precautions to wrap the piano with blankets and other padding material to ensure there is no breakage and damage during transportation in our removal van. We carefully analyze the two houses that the piano has to be moved out of and in to, along with the geographical locations of the houses and then find the best route to move your piano. Maneuvering through doorways, hallways, narrow pathways and staircases is where our expertise lies. Before moving the piano, we assess your home and plan how we are going to move the piano out of there with minimum harm to the walls and piano as well. When grand pianos have to be moved, we will dismantle the piano and secure it onto a special grand piano shoe, and then carefully wrap the parts before transportation.

During your piano removal enquiry, we will need details about which floor the piano is being moved from and to, if there are any steps, if there is an elevator, and also, we may need the make and model of your piano. These details are necessary for us to be able to provide an accurate quote, and also to know what equipment and how much manpower we will need to move the piano.

What does UKDAR moving service Watford offer?

According to our experience, only an expert should move a piano. Our expert piano removals Watford have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, tools and equipment to do this with great care, and without causing any damage to your piano.

Pianos are indeed a luxurious item to purchase and enjoy. By hiring UKDARs piano removal services, you are assured competitive pricing for moving your piano so that you can continue enjoying the luxury in your new home as well. From locating the right angle for the turn, to get it safely out the door, to placing it in the removal van, to unloading it at the new location and placing it in the new spot, expertise and equipment is of much importance. We have all the equipment, trolleys and vehicles that can carry differently shaped pianos, and our experts will keep your mind stress-free during the move.

A piano is usually a complicated part in a house removal because of its size and weight, as well as its monetary and sentimental value to the owner. Our team of piano movers have been specially trained to understand the process of safely transporting both upright and grand pianos. As a result, our expert team knows exactly which parts of a piano need to be protected how. So, whether you want to move only the piano to another location or you want it moved as part of the moving house process, UKDAR is a professional removals company that can help with both!

Safety when moving a piano

Safety is our main concern when moving a piano. In addition to the safety of your piano, we also have to keep in mind the safety and well-being of our removal team. Hence, we have to ensure there are enough men to move the piano without damaging it and without causing any injury to themselves either. As a general rule of thumb, a man is not supposed to lift over 100 lbs. Some grand pianos weigh over 1000 lbs – which means we need a lot of men! The old upright can also be surprisingly heavy and difficult to move.