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Paper Shredding Services London

Paper shredding may sound new but really the shredding or destroying of confidential documents has been around for a very long time. Whether it is to protect personal confidential information or corporate data, document shredding has proven to be the most effective way of securely destroying information put down on paper. Today we have machines that help with this plus paper shredding services London that take care of bulk document destructions.

Why do you need to hire a professional Paper Shredding Services?

More and more individuals and businesses are appreciating the range of advantages a professional paper shredding service provides. Security, environmentally friendly disposal, GDPR compliance and compliance with the Data Protection Act are some of the main benefits to hiring a shredding service in London. When it comes to businesses it is essential that confidential papers are shredded to avoid the risk of identity theft and to secure data from leaking to third parties. A licensed shredding company will ensure that all confidential data, both electronic and physical, is disposed of securely keeping your business secure, GDPR compliant, rid of potential fire hazards and clutter-free. Secure site shredding is an option while if agreeable the shredded paper can be sent for recycling.

It may seem like a good idea to use an office shredder to do the job, but it presents problems which is that office shredders are mainly for small scale shredding. This makes in-house paper shredding an inefficient and time consuming process. Using a professional destruction service proves to both beneficial and cost effective because they bring industrial machinery which allows on site shredding to be done efficiently, quickly and productively. It also releases your employees from having to spend hours on this otherwise time consuming task.

Why Choose UKDAR?

Our reputed confidential waste removal service is trusted by both companies and domestic customers alike. We help people get rid of credit card bills, bank statements, miscellaneous papers all disposed of correctly. Further we help send the shredded paper for recycling. The shredded paper is placed in sealed bags or boxes or containers and taken by us to designated recycling centres. We provide you with a certificate of destruction upon completion.

When it comes to businesses we bale the shredded paper together so that it can be pulped and recycled. This helps our business customers to be compliant with UK environmental legislation. This can be used as an extension of a business’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy as proof to your customers that your company cares about the environment.

UKDAR offers flexible shredding solutions for high security physical documentation with a service that caters to the specific needs of our various customers, be it individual or corporate.

How much do Paper Shredding Services cost?

Paper shredding costs vary according to the weight, equipment involved, whether it is onsite shredding, ad hoc offsite shredding per collection, regular offsite shredding per collection or paper shredding per sack. Whatever option suits your needs we cater and fine tune it so that you pay for the actual work involved. Our friendly and experienced team are experts at handling document destruction with professionalism so that as our customer you can be rest assured that your confidential documents are truly disposed of. We take pride in our work which is why we are the choice of many looking to get rid of unwanted documents and papers.

Get in touch with us today regarding our paper shredding services and find one that caters to your needs. You will be surprised at how truly affordable it is while being an effective and efficient way to securely destroy confidential papers.