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Paper and Cardboard Removal London

It is true that carboard makes up a bulk of waste when it comes to industries and households. It is a much used and essential packaging material and best of all it can be easily recycled back into new cardboard. If you find that you are accumulating a lot of paper and carboard waste it makes sense to seek a paper and cardboard removal London service to help with sending the waste for recycling where is can be made into fresh cardboard for boxes or into other various packaging materials.

Why choose UKDAR?

We are dedicated to being green and work to ensure that our disposals are environmentally friendly, which is why we are a trusted service for both household waste and commercial waste disposal. We arrive promptly on the scheduled days and time to remove the carboard collected. We then transport it to a cardboard recycling centre. As paper and cardboard waste disposal becomes increasingly recognised as an essential responsible environmental practice for everyone, we take pride in helping our customers with their waste management and recycling.

For household items newspapers, magazine, catalogues, white paper, shredded or otherwise, envelopes and brown paper are all suitable for recycling, as are packaging boxes and corrugated card. Not suitable for recycling are sticky papers such as post-it notes, glittery paper, cotton wool and tissues.

UKDAR is backed by a team of professionals who have experience in offering a smooth and efficient service and our knowledge in all types of waste removal and disposal. We know the proper disposal requirements for paper and cardboard and ensure that it is done responsibly and ethically. Basically, you will be able to reduce your environmental impact, lower your waste contribution to landfills and help build a more sustainable greener future for the city of London.

After assessing your removal details, we send the required amount of manpower and vehicles to complete the job swiftly.  We have experience with residential, flats, office and workplace removals, leaving your space neat and cluttery free.

Why do you need to hire a professional paper and cardboard removal service?

Getting a professional removal service is a smart way to ensure that your waste management is handled efficiently. They will ensure that the removal happens to a schedule and that it does not take up unnecessary space on your premises. It also ensures that your carboard waste is sent to a proper recycling centre where it is soaked and agitated to release the fibres, which are then pulped. This is then used to make new carboard products.

Professionals will sort out the different types of carboard from corrugated carboard to grey paper board because not all carboard is the same and need to go through different processes for recycling. While most carboard can be recycled into different products and reused, cardboard that has been contaminated with grease or oil cannot be recycled.

How much do paper and cardboard removal services cost?

For the service that you are gaining from prompt waste collection to ethical disposal and carboard recycling, a professional service is actually cost effective. It not only takes the hassle of having to organize the cardboard collection on your own but ensures that it is done properly and efficiently. We offer our customers a flexible service based on individual requirements so that there are no hidden costs to contend with. You pay for the actual service you received. We have the manpower, equipment and vehicles necessary to provide you with a professional service.

Contact us for a free quote and find out for yourself why we are a trusted household name. If you are looking for a cardboard and paper removal partner who will handle everything with professional dedication then we are the perfect choice for you.