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Packing Service Watford

Moving houses is a big stress. Imagine how convenient it would be if you could take all the stress out of moving?

Yes, for a truly stress-free experience, you must hire a professional packing service Watford.

What is good packing and moving tips?

  • Declutter before you pack. This way you will know if there’s anything you don’t need and you won’t be packing unnecessary items.
  • Quality moving boxes are a must. These are relatively inexpensive so make sure they are strong and durable so as to avoid the cost of damaging valuable possessions as a result of boxes falling apart during moving houses.
  • Pack a separate box with moving essentials so you can live out of that for maybe the first couple of nights in your new house, until you are able to unpack everything else.
  • Label the boxes in different colors based on which room each box is supposed to be unpacked in.
  • Don’t overstuff your belongings into a handful of boxes. Use many boxes to create easy-to-carry loads.
  • Use the right size of boxes – small ones for heavy items such as books, and large boxes for lighter items. Place heavy items below the lighter items if you happen to have both in one box.
  • Fill up all empty spaces in the boxes with paper, foam or clothing to prevent items from shifting and breaking when moving boxes to your new location.
  • Pack fragile items separately and use tape to seal all parts of the packing boxes well.
  • Make use of household items such as hampers, suitcases and baskets for packing your belongings.
  • Save space while packing clothing – roll instead of folding, use garbage bags to cover a group of hanging clothes.
  • Take photos of complicated furniture and equipment so you know you’ve done the re-assembling correctly after it has arrived safely at the new location.
  • Pack tools, painting equipment and cleaning chemicals into one box, and mark it clearly. Bottles and medication are also best packed separately from other belongings. Fire extinguishers, ammonia, heating agents, batteries, and chlorine granules are a few other things that should be kept separately.
  • Kitchen utensils, particularly breakables will need a lot of bubble wrap and boxes for careful fragile packing. Dish towels and paper plates can be used as buffers for these.
  • Any boxes that have potential spill should be wrapped with plastic. Keep toiletries and liquids separate from dry items.

Why use our packing services Watford?

By offering packing services in addition to all our removal services, UKDAR is aiming at making things as easy as possible for you. Our team of specialists are very experienced with packing services. We do it on a daily basis, we do it well and we do it fast, thereby making it a very cost-effective option for you.

Our professional packing services pay attention to detail and ensure your valuable belongings arrive safely to its destination. We are equipped with the right materials, and we know exactly how to do the packing for all sorts of items. All glassware is wrapped individually using bubble wrap and other valuables safely packed with the appropriate packing materials. As for furniture, our team is able to disassemble, load, unload, and assemble parts as needed. We can also handle the packing of large items such as machinery, mattresses and sofas when moving houses, and ensure that these are kept in the best possible condition.

UKDAR offers different levels of packing services include partial, fragile and full packing – depending on your individual needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today!

Where can I find a good packing company?

UKDARs removal team based in Watford has many years of experience in the industry, thereby providing the following characteristics that qualify as a reputable packing company with great services:

  • Packing Power: in addition to our removal services, we also reduce the stress by handling all the packing.
  • Long and short distances: We not only focus on long distance moving but also specialize in short moves within the city, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • House removals and office removals in Watford: we offer both house and office removal services, so whether it is a commercial or residential move, you can count on us whenever the need arises.
  • Storage services: yes, we can handle packing, moving, and storage as well! Hence you don’t need to find a third party for any of your removal needs.
  • Wide range of services: even if you are not planning to move, there may be several reasons why you can make use of our packing services, furniture removal, piano removal, rubbish collection, garden clearance, or delivery services.
  • High quality, well designed website with complete information on the range of services we provide, thereby offering visitors an unmatchable experience on our website.
  • Affordable rates: with no hidden charges, we only have economical rates for transport and manpower, which allows our customers to get the best out of their money’s worth.

What does UKDAR packing service offer?

Our range of packing products come from a recycled collection including:

  • Small, large, and medium sized sturdy storage boxes
  • Bubble wrap very essential for fragile items
  • Strong wardrobe cartons especially for clothes
  • Durable wrapping paper
  • Thick mattress covers for total protection
  • Packing tissue
  • Special boxes for books, pictures and other antiques
  • Professional tape – guaranteed to hold things together!

So, if you are in Watford and are in need of any packing, office or home removal company in Watford, give us a call now for a free no obligation quote. The UKDAR team of friendly professionals are happy to serve you and answer any questions regarding our wide range of services.