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IT Equipment and WEEE Waste Recycling London

WEEE waste or waste electrical and electronic equipment is unsurprisingly one of the main streams of waste in the world today. In order to preserve our planet the proper recycling and disposal of WEEE waste has become one of the biggest challenges. That is why it is beneficial to hire IT equipment and WEEE waste recycling London services, because it will ensure that proper protocols and procedures are followed.

WEEE disposal is a system that while complex is basically a compliance scheme which contracts local authorities, retailers and recyclers to the collecting, weighing and recycling of this waste. In accordance with this compliance schemes reports are sent to the Environment Agencies on the quantities of electricals collected from retailers and local authorities.

There are different categories of WEEE waste and producers must list their equipment accordingly. This is for the purpose of proper disposal and reporting. Categories include large household appliances, cooling equipment, medical devices, computer and laptop recycling as electronic tools amongst others.

Why do you need to hire a professional IT equipment and WEEE waste recycling service?

Hiring a professional waste collection service will make sure that your WEEE waste is disposed of according to the practical and ethical ways outlined by a government initiative to dispose of old electrical equipment and goods which could otherwise cause harm to the environment. Handling the disposal of WEEE waste is more complex than you may think and requires proper organising from the pickup to drop off at the recycling centre if suitable and if not then sending the waste to the correct disposal location.

Unlike most other commercial and household waste, IT equipment and WEEE waste contains chemicals that are harmful to the environment. When simply disposed of to landfills, waste electrical and electronic equipment decay and leak their toxins such as arsenic, lead and mercury into our water ways and soil. Further, the material used is usually not biodegradable and causes immense harm to our ecosystems, environment and health.

Why choose UKDAR?

At UKDAR we carry out all our collection and disposals in accordance with WEEE legislation and always aim to recycle and reuse where possible. If not possible then we ensure that the items are disposed of in the correct way. We work closely with reputed establishments for recycling in London. Our professional team can handle any electronic waste disposal requirements you may have, be it commercial or residential. We schedule our pick ups to suit your preferred time so that there is no unnecessary interruption to your daily routine. Our experts have years of experience and are always up to date on current legislations regarding proper waste disposal.

By hiring us you will be doing your part towards the environment while building your company’s reputation as a reputable environmentally friendly business. Adhering and showcasing your commitment to being green is the way forward for any socially conscious modern business.

How much do IT equipment and WEEE waste recycling services cost?

Today, recycling waste is one of the key ways of reducing our carbon footprint, which is why we are dedicated towards recycling whenever possible. It is an important way of saving our planet’s natural resources and reducing climate-changing emissions.

When it comes to pricing, we are very competitive while offering the full benefits and convenience of a professional WEEE waste recycling and disposal service. We assist with removing electronic waste from homes, offices, public buildings and other commercial establishments. You are provided with all the necessary documentation so that you have proof that everything was disposed of according to stipulated regulations. Our team works according to your specific requirements so that you are charged for the work actually done.