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Hazardous Waste Collection London

Hazardous waste collection London is an essential service as it helps to remove a range of hazardous waste safely and in accordance with prevailing UK regulations. London hazardous waste collection is a highly regulated process with proper documentation and strict adherence to safety procedures. If you accumulate only a small amount of hazardous waste, roughly less than 500kg, then you do not need to register with the Environment Agency, but you do still need to ensure that the waste is disposed of correctly. If you are a business operating in London or the Greater London area that produces any form of hazardous waste, it is your complete responsibility to ensure that it is disposed of correctly according to UK legal guidelines.

Why do you need to hire a professional Hazardous Waste Collection Service?

Paints and fluorescent tubes may seem like easy items to dispose of by yourself, but they do contain chemicals such as metals and solvents that can if sent to a landfill, contaminate groundwater. A professional hazardous waste collection service will know the exact methods employed for hazardous waste disposal so that you do not need to deal with the stress or the danger of sorting it out by yourself.

Other items that are better left to professionals for removal include asbestos which can cause diseases and certain heat and smoke sensors that have a small amount of mercury, which at high levels can be very dangerous to your health. As mentioned before, fluorescent tubes and lamps too can be hazardous as they have small amounts of mercury which can accumulate if not disposed of correctly.

Electrical goods such as fridges and freezers have CFC gas, which is harmful both to humans and the ozone layer, while televisions and monitors may contain toxic phosphors while batteries too can be hazardous if not disposed of responsibly. Such hazardous material waste management becomes simpler when you hire the help of a waste disposal service, who are trained and certified to get the removal done properly with no mistakes.

Why Choose UKDAR?

We provide specialist waste management solutions helping both households and businesses safely dispose of their clinical waste. We ensure that nothing is fly tipped with no illegal dumping of waste on land that does not have a licence to accept it. Instead, we provide safe and secure collection, transportation and disposal according to government regulations. Our team is experienced in such removals with the necessary equipment such as safe storage chemical bins to handle the process smoothly and efficiently.

With UKDAR you can be assured that your hazardous waste will be disposed in the correct manner, preventing any harmful substances from causing damage to the environment. We take pride in our green credentials and are committed to our goal of safe waste disposal.

How much does Hazardous Waste Collection Services cost?

We provide tailormade quotes, taking each individual requirement into consideration, with no hidden costs. It includes all logistical requirements. Our hazardous waste collections are fully documented for future reference, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that it is disposed of in compliance with UK regulations and that you have done your duty by the environment.

Whether it is a bulk requirement or a smaller disposal in the London area, we will help you with our efficient and low cost service that provides with a stress free way to remove your hazardous waste. Thanks to our experience in the field we are the best and most convenient choice, so do get in touch with us for your own tailored quote and rid yourself of your unwanted waste.