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Garden Waste Clearance in London

Garden waste clearance London is an ever growing concern as is the disposal of garden waste because not only is space at a premium but when not disposed on properly garden waste can lead to harmful gases that negatively impact our environment. Despite being green waste, when garden waste is trapped in plastic bags it rots in the bags without air which leads to the release of methane gas and other harmful gases.

What is a garden waste clearance service?

Garden waste collection services help us remove and dispose of our garden waste smoothly and efficiently. They help us get rid of large amounts of garden waste at one go and in an environmentally friendly manner. This is important because when garden rubbish is disposed off into landfills in plastic garbage bags it hampers the degrading process of the waste.

What is included in a Garden waste clearance package?

More or less all types of garden waste will be included in garden clearance in London. However, anything toxic or harmful such as weed killer or any materials containing for example asbestos will require special licensing, to be handled. The same goes for the removal of anything flammable which will require specialist rubbish removal services with the required equipment, experience, transport and approvals.

Usual garden waste removal services in London include the removal of grass cuttings, soil, turf, plants branches, hedge clippings. Garden waste collection normally does not include the actual cutting and chopping but simply the rubbish collection.

Play houses, garden sheds, greenhouses, decking and pergolas are also come under the category of garden rubbish. Garden furniture is also included in garden waste clearance packages, such as tables, chairs, planters, benches, plant pots etc.

Why you need to hire a professional garden clearance service?

Waste generated in gardens should be disposed of carefully so as not to cause damage to the environment. There are proper disposal methods that should be adhered to and when you hire a professional garden clearance service they will have the proper equipment, transport and training to remove and dispose of your waste correctly. Further, they will know where best way to dispose of the organic rubbish so that it can be turned into compost.

A professional garden clearance service will eliminate the need for you or family members to undergo the back breaking physical activity of moving the rubbish. These companies have the manpower, equipment, tools and vehicles to handle the entire removal smoothly. They will also ensure that the garden waste disposal happens in accordance with government legislature.

Why choose UKDAR?

If you are looking for a professional, experienced and friendly garden waste collection service in London UKDAR is an excellent choice as we are backed by years of experience in the industry. Our team take pride in the service they carry out and always aim to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Whether you are a corporate customer or a domestic customer we handle each job with the same dedication and precision. We can handle a garden of any size which is why we have so many long standing customers who appreciate our professional dedication to thorough removals and ethical disposals.

How much does a garden clearance service cost?

We provide cost effective solutions that are tailored to each customer requirement so that you get true value for money. Our flexible service ensures that the removals are done at a time convenient to you so that you are not stuck for days with unseemly rubbish cluttering your garden’s aesthetic. So if you are looking for professional yet affordable garden waste removers in London do get in touch with us and let us know your requirements for a no-obligations free quote and enjoy the benefits of our services.