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Garden Clearance in Watford

Is your garden overgrown and does it look unappealing? Do you have loads of junk in your garden that you never got the chance to clear?

UKDAR garden clearance in Watford aims to give you back that precious garden space with a first-class look. From junk removal to rubbish removal and responsible waste disposal, we will literally clear out your garden and take away everything that is not required, transforming it into a beautiful green space. Be it that huge pile in a corner that has never been touched, or a shed full of stuff that you don’t need. Below are some of the items that we can remove and dispose responsibly in the process of garden clearance.

  • Loose branches, shrubs, twigs, soil, leaves, old pots, cut grass, greenhouses, dismantled sheds, and lawn mowers.
  • Gates, firewood, lumber, fencing and all sorts of wood.
  • Garden furniture such as sofas, sofa-beds, armchairs, beds, etc.
  • Paper, boxes, clothes, tools, books, and other general waste.
  • Builder’s wastage such as concrete, glass, crates, drywall, plaster, tiles, carpet, flooring, and other general rubbish.

The most experienced garden clearance professionals in Watford

Don’t lessen the appeal of your home with a messy garden. UKDARs hardworking, diligent, and friendly garden experts are on call, ready to help with your garden clearance. Before we go ahead with the garden service, we listen to our clients, understand your needs and the vision you wish to achieve for your garden. You may have just moved into a property with a garden resembling an urban jungle, or one corner of your garden may have been neglected for many months. Whatever it may be, our gardening team is ready to help clear it.

Hire cheap garden clearance services in Watford

How to choose the right garden clearance company?

Before deciding which company to go for, there are a few concerns you should address:

  • Years of experience in the field
  • Variety of clearance services offered
  • Specialty of business
  • Any extra costs to think about
  • Insurance and license
  • Any items that they cannot clear
  • Calculation of rates
  • Discounts

Make an appointment

Once you are happy to place your trust in UKDARs waste clearance in Watford, our team of gardeners can schedule a time that is suitable for you. Whatever the weather is like on that day, our gardeners are ready to work. We have the necessary tools and equipment to get the work done thoroughly and efficiently, thereby making sure we complete everything on time.

What does UKDAR removal service Watford offer?

Having a clean garden makes for a happy household, and a valuable home. Garden maintenance must be done regularly to make your garden good looking and safe for your family, and also environmentally friendly in the long run. You wouldn’t want piles of rubbish attracting rodents and other animals that make your garden unsafe and unhygienic.

Simply inform us about your garden service requirements and we will carry out the job based on your specifications. The garden service team at UKDAR can:

  • Remove all kinds of weeds and bramble
  • Trim and cut hedges
  • Crop and remove bushes, trees and ivy
  • Mow lawns
  • Tidy the flower beds
  • Remove broken fences and any other features of the garden that is a waste
  • Clear away all the leaves from lawns and paths and dispose the leaves
  • Flush out gutters to clear away rotted waste
  • Break patios and pathways
  • Disassemble garden sheds
  • Break garden walls if required
  • Remove piles of rubbish
  • Natural garden and building waste collection

Keep in mind that gardening services can take hours or maybe even an entire day to complete, depending on the size of your garden. If required, we will send a team of two or more technicians to complete the job as fast and efficiently as possible. If you wish, you may combine our garden services with other wide range of services offered by UKDAR such as rubbish clearance, house clearance or removal services.

Is using a professional garden clearance company cost effective?

There are many factors that have to be considered when calculating the cost of a garden clearance. These include:

  • The location of your residence/garden
  • The size of the debris to be cleared
  • The weight of the load
  • Time taken to remove the refuse
  • Type of rubbish that has to be discarded

Sometimes hourly rates are charged and some quotes are based on the size of the load. Each garden clearing job differs and hence has to be estimated uniquely. While providing a fully insured and licensed service, UKDAR guarantees that waste disposal is done at a recycling facility. So the best way to get a free quote for your garden that needs to be cleared is to just click a few pictures of what has to be cleaned and email them to us with other location and contact details and we will give you an affordable estimate, along with a site visit if necessary.