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Fridge Disposal London

A hassle free fridge disposal London service is essential when it comes to removing old appliances from your home. The removal of fridges and such old appliances does not come under the normal rubbish removal service and not all removal companies are authorised to do such removals. As response times can vary when it comes to disposing of old appliances, depending on where you live, the pick up can take time, sometimes even taking weeks for it to happen.

This varying response time can cause you undue stress which you can avoid by hiring a professional fridge removal company. On-demand fridge disposal provides you with a great alternative to skip hire and is both convenient and wallet-friendly.

Why do you need to hire a professional Fridge disposal service?

It is not easy to move a fridge. Trying to do on your own can cause damage not only to your property but to those attempting to do the heavy lifting as well. After moving it, you have to remove and dispose of the fridge which creates its own logistical issues. A professional fridge disposal company can do the heavy lifting and careful removing for you, as they have the correct vehicles for moving heavy objects and they know exactly where to go for disposal or recycling. It is an ideal solution for both private and commercial removals.

As fridges can have dangerous chemicals, it is important that they are handled and disposed of properly. They have the necessary vehicles for transportation and know the correct way to dispose of fridges and freezers, which can contain hazardous waste, especially if an older model.

Why Choose UKDAR

We are an affordable fridge collection and disposal company in the London area, authorised to collect fridges, commercial fridges, washing machines with the necessary licensing to dispose of your unwanted white goods in a correct and ethical manner.

Our service includes single item removal, and we can remove both private and commercial fridges. We can also help send it for fridge recycling if that is required. This involves removing the chemicals from the fridge and dismantling it as many parts of the fridge or freezer can be recycled into new products. Even the metal, glass and plastic pieces can often be re-used.

Our experienced team pick up your old appliance both working or non-working, from where it is located and move it and load it carefully into our vehicle. This ensures that you do not need to do any heavy lifting or keep the appliance on the curb or in your garden. The collection and disposal happens efficiently.

As a disposal service, we consider it our personal responsibility to dispose of your fridge in an environmentally friendly way so as to cause minimum harm to our planet.

How much does Fridge disposal services cost?

We offer competitive rates which include the cost of our entire service, from the petrol to the disposal, vehicle and labour. All our charges are clearly specified with no hidden costs, so you do not face any sudden additional expenses. We provide quotes specific to each job, after taking the exact nature of the job and the customer requirements into consideration. This care and consideration together with our green credentials, helps us to provide a cost effective service to you.

Do get in touch with us if you are looking for fridge disposal services London and experience a convenient, reliable and professional job that will take the stress and hassle out of disposing of your old fridge. We are happy to accommodate one-day service requirements if your removal need is urgent.