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Fly Tipping Clearance in London

What is fly tipping?

The BBC definition of fly tipping is “illegal deposit of any waste on to land that does not have a license to accept it”. It could be a small bag of waste left on the street or a big load of rubbish. Most fly tips are waste from households such as:

  • Rubbish left next to a litter bin.
  • Unwanted items kept near overloaded recycling banks.
  • White goods (refrigerator), mattresses and furniture, dumped on private lands or on the main road.
  • Items to be donated but left outside a closed charity institution.

Fly tipping is illegal and must be stopped because it is dangerous to the environment, makes the town look ugly, encourages more people to add to the dump, and attracts anti-social behavior such as theft and vandalism. UKDAR is committed towards enhancing the environment and preventing the consequences that arise as a result of fly tipping, thereby providing efficient fly tipping clearance in London.

How to deal with fly-tipped waste on your land?

  • Be careful – do not open bags and drums that are part of fly tipped waste – it could be hazardous, contaminated or dangerous.
  • Record details regarding when and where you found the waste. Pictures could be helpful.
  • Report the waste and make sure you don’t touch or remove anything from the pile of waste.
  • Secure the waste so there is not tampering with it.
  • If you notice that fly-tipping is in progress, immediately contact the relevant authorities.
  • Get in touch with a registered waste carrier such as UKDAR for fly tipping waste removal. You could be held responsible if you tamper with fly-tipped waste.
  • Keep documentation of the waste and details of who is taking it away.

How to get fly tips removed?

If opting for a professional company to deal with waste and fly tip removal, look no further than UKDAR. We have the capability to dispose off the waste appropriately, particularly in cases where hazardous waste may be present. After all that unsightly fly tipped waste clearance, we will leave the area clean and tidy. Our qualified and trained staff will also address any legal, and health and safety issues, thereby taking the stress out of your mind. To be more specific, UKDARs fly tipping services covers the following:

  • Fly tipped waste removal from footpaths, pavements, public and private land.
  • Disposal of hazardous materials including construction waste, liquids and gas canisters.
  • Fully trained, insured and licensed staff to carry out the task at hand.
  • Competitive quotes to carry out jobs either big or small.
  • Always in communication with local authorities regarding fly tipping incidents.
  • Quick response to avoid infestation by vermin and/or other animals.
  • Removal of all sorts of waste, including sharp objects, tyres, mattresses, refrigerators and furniture.
  • An aim to keep the city tidy and clean.

Making fly tip removal an efficient process

UKDAR offers same day response service for an efficient fly tip clearance process. If fly tip is not removed quickly, it can result in a large fine. UKDAR is licensed and equipped with qualified professionals to identify and efficiently remove fly tips, while complying with government legislations.

Once we get an inquiry, our team attends the site inspects the fly tipped rubbish and then comes with the necessary equipment and PPE to clear the waste – separating it into recyclable categories wherever possible.

Why Choose UKDAR Fly Tipping Removal?

Fly tipping is a modern menace which seems to be only getting worse. Although it is a criminal offence, our lanes, roadsides and private properties are often used as unofficial dumping grounds. If this has happened to you, you probably want to take action fast. UKDAR offers a professional and cost-effective solution for doing so.

We have a scalable fly-tipped waste response service for roadsides, pathways, and private lands. In some situations, fly-tipped waste may include hazardous materials, which is why hiring professional fly tipping services is advisable. Our wide network of connections includes one with the national organization that tackles fly tipping incidents in the UK. Together with them, we believe we can improve waste management and curb overall fly tipped waste throughout the UK.

So, if you are looking for a fly tipping clearance service in London, UKDAR should be your got-to solution. We have a range of vehicles and staff dedicated to help you get rid of that illegal waste dump without worrying about environmental damage, and ensuring the area is kept clean and clear.