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Deck Removal Services in London

Do you like to spend evenings on your deck sipping a cuppa or chatting away with some friends and family? If yes, then you must maintain your deck. When decks start rotting, they don’t really serve the purpose and become an addition of junk in your home. And what’s worse, standing on rotten decks is dangerous! Walking on creaky decks means it could fall off any minute and you sure don’t want to risk the lives of your loved ones!

Removing a deck by yourself is also a dangerous task. Our skilled team at UKDAR will take care of your deck removal services London.

Why Choose UKDAR?

From wooden decks to concrete patios, UKDARs skilled and insured team can handle any deck removal job – lifting, loading, and disposing the debris. In an effort to protect the environment, we try as much as possible to recycle wastage and divert landfill pileups. In partnership with local charities and recycling centers, we try to find a new home for appropriate items, thereby ensuring a cost-effective and environmentally friendly service.

Apart from deck removal, if you have any other wastage to be removed from your property, our rubbish collection team can take care of that as well. In an effort to provide maximum customer service, kindly inform us in advance when scheduling your deck removal appointment so we can inform the relevant representatives that there are more things to be disposed of.

UKDAR provides all sorts of waste removal and clearance services such as garden clearance, loft clearance, office clearance, shed clearance, builders waste clearance and restaurant clearance. In addition to that, we also offer home removal, office removals, furniture removal, factory relocation, package delivery services and several other man and van services.

Whatever you want to deliver, relocate, transport or simply get rid of, just give us a call and schedule an appointment with our team of friendly professionals, and leave the rest up to us!

Why do you need to hire a professional Deck Removal Service?

Whether you want to get rid of that hazardous old deck or want to replace it with a better one, our experienced team can help you. UKDARs deck removal team will come to your location and remove your deck in no time while you sit back and watch us.

Deck removal is a very labor-intensive task and several things need to be taken into consideration. Depending on your needs, we could tear off the entire thing, pull away just the posts, or maybe just cut them off at the base. Discuss your needs with our team and we will recommend the best deck removal option for you. In case of deck replacement, the best solution would be to pull up the posts and let the holes be for the posts of the new deck. If you are on a tighter budget however, we can simply remove the entire deck for you. For unsure situations, we can send a specialist to check and assess your deck, following which we can send you a free, no obligation quote for your deck removal.

Call us now or send us an email to get started with the process.

How much does desk removal services cost?

Pricing of our deck removal services depends on the amount of space that your deck and its parts occupies in our truck. Because no two decks are the same, we cannot calculate a standard price for deck removal.

Our no-obligation quotes are an estimate given by our team over the phone or via email and these are not final because we do not take into consideration the weight of the wastage, parking permissions and access to the property. Hence after completing the job, we will consider the waste weight, volume, loading time, and disassembling time before providing an accurate invoice.

We offer our customers a free estimate upon inquiry, and if you are happy with that, we can schedule a visit right away for you!