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Bulky waste removal in Watford

A bulk clearance service in Watford is a smart way to clear your premises of bulky waste which can under normal circumstances can be difficult to handle through the usual disposal methods. Owing to their size they cannot be collected or processed with the regular rubbish removal methods.

What is considered to be “bulky waste”?

Bulky waste is usually categorised as waste you cannot fit into a bin or bag and also refers to large household items and appliances such as wardrobes, washing machines, fridges, freezers, cookers and beds among others. Basically this type of waste is too large for standard waste clearance to accept or manage and requires a specialised service. Sometimes bulky waste is kept on pavements for collection but not all councils routinely offer bulky waste collection as they are too large to fit into the usual removal service vehicles.

Either man or van or trucks are used to remove bulky waste depending on the size and quantity of the waste.

Why do you need to safely dispose of bulky waste?

A house clearance, an office clearance or garden clear up can all lead to bulky waste and it is important that such waste is disposed of correctly. Bulky non degradable waste that is not disposed of correctly can have a huge negative impact on the environment and animals. This is why there are so many rules and regulations regarding the disposal of bulky waste as an important step to protecting us from the toxic effects of inorganic waste.

Proper waste management and recycling is a smart way to efficiently manage waste and save the environment. Donation is a good disposal method as long as the item is in good condition, and it is safe to do so. Most professional waste removers will drop off the items at local charity shops or contact the shop to organise the delivery to someone in need.

What is included in a bulky waste removal service?

Suitable vehicles, equipment, gear and manpower are necessary to successfully move bulky waste which is what you get when you hire the services of a removal company. They also know the current laws and regulations and ensure that disposals follow these requirements. Further they will have contacts with local recycling centres and charity donation shops so that your bulky items can be sent to the relevant places if suitable.

Why do you need to hire a professional for bulky waste removals?

Many local councils to offer bulky waste collection services but you have to book a slot and it may not always happen when convenient to you. When you book a professional bulky waste collection service the stress of managing the process is removed. They will know the current rules in place and follow them precisely so that your waste is disposed of legally with no harm to the environment. Further, they will coordinate the collection to a time suitable to you while having the necessary equipment and gear to ensure a smooth collection.

Why choose UKDAR?

Our removals team is experienced in bulky waste removals and are equipped and prepared for the actual work involved. They can provide advice on items that will be good for donation or recycling and ensure that they are delivered to the correct locations. Based in Watford we are a licensed waste carrier, backed by our years of experience in the field. We have a team of dedicated friendly professionals who ensure that each job is handled with efficient professionalism. UKDAR follows all the required health and safety guidelines on all our jobs and our team is trained and certified to meet the highest quality standards.

As a company we are committed to green removals and reducing our carbon footprint which means that adding anything to a landfill is always the last option. We have a diverse fleet of vehicles so we can remove all items and transport them to the relevant recycling or donation or disposal sites. At completion you are given the relevant documentation, so you have proof your bulky waste removal was done within the legal and safety requirements.

How much do bulky waste removal services cost in Watford?

When you enlist our flexible and affordable service bulky waste removal is hassle free and a smooth experience for you. We take pride in our work and always work to ensure our customers benefit from our friendly professionalism.

Do get in touch with us for a no obligations quote and find out just how competitive our prices are. You will not be surprised by any hidden costs as we design the service to suit your needs and provide you with an affordable solution. Let us help you take the stress away from removing your bulky waste so that you do not need to spend time worrying or stressing about organising the waste collection and disposal.