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Bike Disposal in London

Bicycles have been a popular mode of transport for centuries with its popularity showing no sign of dwindling. Today, while it might not be the primary source of transport for many, it is quite probably that everyone has a bicycle at home, for recreational use, for competitive events and kids bikes No matter what the type of bike is, every bicycle reaches its life expectancy. Sometimes repairs are not worth the effort, or you would rather spend that money on buying a new one. There are times when a kid has outgrown a bike or as an adult the bike no longer suits your purpose and there is a newer model that would be more suitable. No matter the reason unwanted bicycles can become junk if we do not take care. Bike disposal London services help you dispose of your bike in the most sustainable manner possible so that you need not worry about it contributing to landfill.

Why do you need to hire a professional bike disposal service?

If you are a socially and environmentally conscious person then you will not be comfortable with the idea of your bike simply becoming junk. Maybe you do not have the means to transport it to a recycling centre or you are not immediately aware of anyone to donate your old bike to. Hiring a professional disposal service will not only sort out the transport issues but they will also know the proper recycling centres and donation points to hand over your bike to if it is still in working condition. They will also know where to send the bike to if it is beyond repair but can be used for spare parts or repurposed. A professional disposal unit will ensure that your bike does not become junk but is put to as much good use as possible considering the condition it is in.

Further, if you hire a professional service you can ensure that your bike does actually get put to good use as you will be committed to the removal, rather than simply having it clutter up some space around your premises till you finally remember to take it for recycling or donation.

Why choose UKDAR?

We are a reputed waste removal company in London, both licensed and insured, with years of experience in professional and efficient waste removal. Our team of experts are knowledgeable in current legislations regarding waste removals and our committed to our green service. That is why we take that extra step to ensure that donation, recycling and repurposing are always considered first, before disposing of the bike. UKDAR is backed by a fleet of vehicles, so we always have the correct vehicle for the job. We also offer the convenience of picking up other items you may wish to get rid off at the same time.

Thanks to our network we are able to ensure that your old bike is either donated or recycled properly, so that you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you have not just contributed towards landfill and thereby caused any harm to the environment.

How much do bike disposal services cost?

We offer very competitive rates for our bike disposal service. Our service is flexible and geared around your schedule so as to cause minimum disruption to your daily routine. Talk to our friendly team to work out a pickup that suits your needs because we charge only for the work actually done. You will not be surprised by hidden costs. We provide you with the necessary documentation, so you have records of your disposal for future reference.