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Asbestos Removal in London

If you suspect that you and your family are living in the near vicinity of asbestos then it is important that it is removed for health safety reasons. Today we know that exposure to asbestos is responsible for a range of severe health conditions and diseases such as asbestosis, pleural disease and mesothelioma. Removing materials containing asbestos from your premises is not something you should aim to do by yourself. Thankfully there are professional services for asbestos removal in London which can help you with removing this harmful material from your premises.

Why do you need to hire a professional for Asbestos Removal in London?

To remove asbestos proper knowledge regarding handling, removing and disposing is important, knowledge which fully licensed asbestos removal contractors possess. They will have the specialist equipment needed and follow the safe removal methods to ensure a careful removal of this hazardous material. Professional asbestos removal companies will conduct sampling and testing of suspected materials to determine if it is friable or non-friable.

This is important because materials that contain asbestos become brittle as they get old and release fibres into the air which can be subsequently inhaled. If inhaled these fibres have the potential to get lodged in the linings of the lungs, abdomen or heart. Based on the results the proper asbestos disposal procedures can be followed, such as encapsulation or abatement where specialists will coat the asbestos containing materials with a sealant to prevent the fibres from becoming airborne.

If asbestos is mishandled it can cause the fibres to become airborne which is dangerous. Professional asbestos removal services have the required training, experience and most importantly protective gear to handle the removal with minimum risk. They will follow the process of wetting the asbestos material before encasing them in plastic for transport to a disposal site or landfill qualified to receive such waste. Asbestos is usually buried.

For health and safety reasons it is important that the collection and disposal of asbestos is done according to stipulated regulations and at recommended disposal sites, otherwise people may become unnecessarily exposed.

Why Choose UKDAR?

If you are looking for asbestos removal services in South East London then we are the professional and affordable removal for you. We are licensed asbestos removers, and our team of experts have years of collective experience to ensure that your premises becomes liveable and safe once again.

We know the seriousness of removing asbestos that can be found in many places including garage roofs, sprayed coatings on ceilings, walls, beams and columns, lagging on boilers and pipes. Knowing the dangers associated with the process of finding and removing asbestos our team will help you from beginning to end with the best advice and subsequent safe removal. We work according to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 to ensure that our asbestos collection and removal in London services adhere strictly to proper protocols.

When you hire our services you can have peace of mind that we are an environmentally friendly company and that we do everything to guarantee that the asbestos is removed quickly and disposed of properly.

How much do Asbestos Removal services cost?

We understand the effects of asbestos, which is why our disposal services are professional, quick and efficient. With us there are absolutely no hidden costs, and we provide you with as affordable quote based on your actual requirements. We guarantee a high quality service from start to finish so that you can once again enjoy your home or office without fear. So do get in touch with us today regarding our asbestos disposal services and enjoy a location free from harmful contaminants.