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Antique Removals in London

When moving houses, you will always come across some items that require special care because they are irreplaceable even though they do not have much of a monetary value. Some items are valuable because they are fragile. Such priceless possessions are one of the biggest worries of a house move. Because of the importance of your belongings, even the tiniest of scratches can ruin them and significantly diminish their value.

A lot of trouble goes into moving these valuables and antiques in order to make sure that they can be transported from old home to new home without any harm or damage whatsoever. Before your belongings are loaded into vehicles, they go through some hassle whilst being brought through corridors, staircases, and doorways. Each of these phases are prone to damage if the items are not in capable hands. Once the items are on the vehicles, the journey may include sudden brakes due to the chaos of road traffic. Your valuables may rattle in moving vans and may be damaged if they are not packed and loaded securely.

Hire Antiques Removals Company in London

Without the help of skilled and experienced antique removals London, there could be irreversible damage formed upon your most valued possessions.

To preserve a painting safely, it needs to be packed with special porous packing materials that allow for breathing during long journeys. In the case of larger antiques, dismantling them in order to be travel-safe is most often the best solution. Other antique items require the correct sizes of wooden crates for transportation to avoid being accidently knocked when in transit. Mirrors and glass panes must be thoroughly protected with board, bubble wrap and tape, particularly the edges and corners so as to keep them safe and avoid other items being damaged.

The team of packing and removal professionals at UKDAR makes use of a combination of boards, bubble wrap, paper, polystyrene, wooden crates as well as other relevant materials to carefully pack your antiques. Some furniture also requires breathing space when going into storage and long durations of transportation, in which case plastic sheeting will not be suitable. Our team will advise you with alternative coverings for such antique furniture.

UKDAR not only supplies all the necessary materials for antique removal service, we can also carry out the removal process for you. We strongly advise not to do it yourself but to seek specialist help who can delicately maneuver your antique items. Our staff have an excellent understanding on how to pack and transport your precious items.

Why UKDAR is the right choice for Antique Removals in London?

During your house of office moves, the friendly and dedicated team at UKDAR will always keep in mind that antiques are more of sentimental value rather than monetary value, and are often loved family heirlooms. Therefore, we take maximum effort to handle them with due respect and care.

When it comes to antique removals, it is very important to correctly pack and secure the load. Our team of experts will pack your valuables in a very high standard. We can also make customized wooden crates to fit your valuables, regardless of how fragile or large they are. UKDAR removal professionals are well aware of what kind of tools and equipment is needed to move precious items. From anti-scratch blankets to impact padding, packing straps, harnesses and other specialist packing materials, we have it all and we know when to use what. Our wide range of packing straps and harnesses are accustomed to our vehicles and can assure to hold items safely.

What Items can UKDAR clear?

Our removals specialist team can move any of the following antique and fine art items:

  • Piano removals
  • Statues
  • Art Paintings
  • Statues
  • Delicate business equipment
  • Heavy and bulky furniture
  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Delicate glassware
  • Precious China (crockery)
  • Grandfather clocks

Is using a professional moving company cost effective?

A professional London removals company such as UKDAR has a team of certified workers to move your prized possessions. Therefore, it is a safe bet to hire specialists to get the job done because when it comes to items of sentimental value, if it breaks or gets damaged, it cannot be replaced with any amount of money! And in terms of valuable items such as delicate crockery and chandeliers, it is more cost effective to hire qualified removal companies than bear the loss of damaged goods when you try to do it yourself and fail.

What does UKDAR antique removals service London offer?

When you get in touch with UKDAR for your house antique and fine art removal, we will carry out a thorough assessment of the things that need to be moved.

Special antique items would be packed into customized wooden crates containing poly chips so as to prevent any damage. All antique furniture – big and small, will be wrapped to export standards, making sure all weak points are well protected. Large and heavy, yet delicate items can be steadily moved with the help of crates. Paintings will either be wrapped or crated, antique books will be wrapped together with extra wrapping for added protection, and acid-free paper will be used for silverware.

So, when we come and survey your home, we know exactly what packing materials are needed to securely pack which items, and accordingly we will provide you with a competitive quote. Once the job is confirmed, we can schedule a date for packing and moving your antique items.